Books by Jagatguru Rampal Ji

Books by Jagat Guru Rampal Ji

Read books written by Jagtguru Rampal Ji which contain the most superior spiritual knowledge. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj imparts the correct way of worship which aims to liberate a soul from the shackles of Kaal (Brahm - Satan). The worship and knowledge is backed up by evidence from major Holy Scriptures such as Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas, Kabir Vani, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Quran Sharif and Bible.

Readers are encouraged to read and understand the knowledge given by Sant Rampal Ji but to understand the whole knowledge it is vital to understand the knowledge about creation of nature (Universe). Knowledge about creation is considered the master key to understand this intricate knowledge. All the books written by Jagatguru Rampal Ji contain references to Holy Scriptures.

Jagatguru Rampal Ji has written a book titled Gyan Ganga which is a very good starting point and gives succinct knowledge about Supreme God and the correct way of worship. Besides famous titles like Jeene Ki Rah and Andh Shradha Bhakti Khatra e Jaan, Sant Rampal Ji has also translated Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.


Hindi Books Written by Sant Rampal Ji

English Books by Jagat Guru Rampal Ji

  • Gyan Ganga - English
  • Way of Living (Jeene Ki Rah)
  • The Knowledge of Gita is Nectar (Gita Tera Gyan Amrit)

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All the books written by Jagatguru Rampal Ji can be downloaded free from the website as PDF documents or can be read online. These are available in various languages.

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To order a free book Gyan Ganga or Jeene Ki Rah by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, please visit the online book order link. These books by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj can be ordered in various languages.

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